S & MC Transport

Responsive Website Design, Custom Business Application

S & MC Transport Website Design

S & MC Transport were one of my first clients and continue to enlist my services in helping them all issues of web design and web systems development.

I created a custom business management tool for S & MC Transport that has helped transform the way they work. Moving the recording of their business transactions to a secure database it has helped to save hours a day in time spent on other processes. The system displays custom maps, distance recording for finding the most suitable haulier for a job, custom PDF job confirmation documents and much more.

In early 2018 we identified the need for a new website for the business and launched a responsive website to direct new hauliers to the business and updated the business application for easier use by staff that use the system every day.

I you would like to discuss a new responsive website or a custom business application please contact me.


"We couldn't be happier with our website and internal system designed by Scott at Slikk, it has been running faultlessly for several years with updates when we require them. Aside from the professional layout it has a complicated order system running on the back pages from which we can run all manner of reports.
It is without doubt the cornerstone of our business."

Paul Taylor - S & MC Transport